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NVT Phybridge NV-842 StubEQ Active Receiver Hub (8 Channels)

Item #: NV-842

The NVT NV-842 StubEQ Active Receiver Hub (8 Channels), with adaptive StubEQ fully automatic 2-band equalization, transmits real-time camera video for a maximum distance of 2000' (600m) using Cat2 or a better version of UTP cable, when used with the NV-653T active transmitter.

The active hub automatically and continuously conditions the video signal, making up for cable attenuation, voltage transient, and ground loops, thereby saving significant installation and maintenance time. The built-in transient protection and ground-lifting eliminate voltage spikes damage and ground loops respectively. The unique interference rejection and low emissions allow the video and low voltage power circuits to appear within the same wire bundle, thus allowing the use of shared or existing cable plant.

Connected through RJ-45, the receiver hub comes with 2 optional NV-RJ-45A RJ-45-to-screw-terminal adaptors. The hub is compatible with qualified UTP cameras and includes a 1U tall and shallow depth 19" rack mount with hardware and rubber stand for desk applications.

NVT NV-842 Features:

  • Adaptive StubEQ Equalization
  • Video Transmission up to 2000'
  • Built-in Transient Protection
  • Ground-lifting

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