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NVT Phybridge NV-452R 4 Channel Active Video Receiver

Item #: NV-452R

The NV-452R from NVT is a 4 Channel Active Video Receiver that allows the transmission of real-time monochrome and color video on up to 1 mile (1,6km) using Category Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) telephone wire. The NV-452R from NVT provides signal conditioning in the form of ground lifting, distance EQ, and transient protection. Ground-lifting ensures no annoying "hum-bars" when ground potential differences exist.The unparalleled interference rejection and low emissions of the NV-452R allow video signals to co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone and datacom that allows the use of shared and existing cable plant. With built-in transient protection, damaging voltage spike problems are eliminated and the built-in sharpness and brightness controls compensate for cable loss.

NVT NV-452R Features:

  • Includes four active receiver channels
  • Full-motion CCTV video at distances up to 1 mile (1,6km) with NV-653T transmitter
  • Up to 3,000ft (1km) with a passive NVT transceiver
  • RJ45 or pluggable screw terminal connectivity
  • Includes Built-in brightness and sharpness controls
  • Compatible with qualified UTP cameras
  • No Power Transformer required
  • Includes Built-in transient protection
  • Two NV-452Rs may be rack mounted using the NV-RM8/10 Rack Panel Kit

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