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Avaya IP Office VoiceMail Pro UMS/20 User License

Item #: 217883

The last day to order Avaya ADI licenses in December 6th. Going forward, all IP Office license orders will need to be in PLDS format. If your system is Release 9.1 or lower, please contact us at 888-922-5200 to discuss your options.
The Avaya Unified Messaging Server/20 User License (217883) allows 20 users access to messages in the Voicemail Pro mailbox via a web browser (requires IIS on the Voicemail Pro server) or via an IMAP-compatible email application.

  • Same functionality as Integrated Messaging Solution(IMS)
  • Use of UMS (Unified Messaging Server) is not supported if using IMS and vice versa
  • Simplified installation/configuration
  • Voicemail connects through the Web or IMAP
  • Enables 20 users
  • Each user configured for UMS access requires a license

Note: The IP Office VoiceMail Pro Unified Messaging Service RFA 10 and RFA 50 Licenses (217882, 217884) have been discontinued. The VoiceMail Pro Unified Messaging Service RFA 1, RFA 5 and RFA 20 are still available. Please contact TelecomEx at 888-922-5200 for questions or assistance.