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Definity TN777B Network Controller Refurbished

Item #: TN777B

The Avaya Definity TN777B Network Controller (TN777B) is available refurbished from TelecomEx.

  • R6 and earlier
  • Communicates control channel messages between the processor circuit pack and the distributed network of port circuit packs on the TDM bus
  • Controls 4 data channels that process and route information directly from the processor circuit pack to customer connected equipment
  • Has time of day clock with battery back-up for power failure or low voltage conditions
  • Monitors the status of the system clocks and alerts the processor circuit pack in the event of a failure of any clock
  • Supports ISDN
  • Replaced by TN794 Network Control/Packet interface for R7 and R8
  • Replaced by TN2401 Network Control/Packet interface for R9 and R10
  • Fully refurbished