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APA-24 EHS Cable for Alcatel

Item #: 212539-01

Enables One Touch Remote Call Answer/End with Plantronics Savi W700, CS500, CS540-XD Series Wireless Headset Systems, MDA Muti Device

Adapters and Voyager Legend CS

  • Compatible with Alcatel/Lucent IP Touch 4028, 4038, 4068, 9 Series TDM 4029, 4039 and My IC 8082
  • Connects to RJ45 port of Savi Office charging base – opposite end connect to Alcatel phone
  • The EHS cable sends a ringer alert signal to the headset anytime the phone rings, anywhere within a headset’s wireless range, allowing you to move freely throughout the office without missing a call
  • Upon hearing the signal, the headset wearer presses the call control talk button on the headset to answer the call remotely
  • To end a call, press the call control button on the headset – the phone will go off and on-hook electronically
  • Eliminates the need for Plantronics HL10 handset lifter on your desk phone
  • No desktop footprint
  • Not interchangeable with other cords
  • Supports Plantronics Savi and CS500 series wireless headset systems
  • Approximately 3 1/2 feet long
  • Compatible with Plantronics Online Indicator light accessory (OLI)
  • Replaced APA-23 April 2019
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

APA-24 EHS Cable for Alcatel & Lucent 4000 Phones Features:

  • Compatible with most Alcatel desktop phones available in Australia
  • Works with Plantronics wireless Savi W700 and CS500 series headsets
  • Removes the need for a mechanical handset lifter
  • Answer/end calls with the touch of a button
  • Easy to attach

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