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Poly APN-91 EHS Cable For NEC Phones

Poly APN-91 EHS Cable For NEC Phones
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Poly APN-91 EHS Cable For NEC Phones

Poly APN-91 EHS Cable For NEC Phones

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The Poly APN-91 Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cable supplies the ability to remotely answer / end calls and receive call alerts without the need of an HL10 handset lifter. This cable works with Poly & Plantronics CS500 and Savi W700 series headsets and some NEC desk phones.

Poly APN-91 NEC EHS Cable Features:

  • Typically used on NEC phones (EHS Guide)
  • Compatible with CS500, W700 series wireless headsets
  • Allows for remote answer/hang-up
  • Receive call alerts when away from your desk
  • Automates taking of calls


Compatible with the following NEC DT Series Phones:

NEC DSX 34B BL, DSX 34B FDX, DTR Series (DTR 8, DTR 8D, DTR 16D, DTR 16LD, DTR 32D) , DTH Series (DTH 8, DTH 8D, DTH 16D, DTH 16LD, DTH 32D), DTL series (DTL 12D, DTL 24D, DTL 8LD, DTL 32D), DT 330, DT 730 and DT 750

Compatible with the following Poly & Plantronics wireless headsets:

CS540, CS510, CS520, Savi WO100, Savi WO200,  Savi WO300,  Savi WO350,  Savi W740, Savi W710,  Savi W720,  Savi W730, Savi W745

Important note: Installation of this Poly APN-91 cable require a NEC phone technician. Programming of the NEC phone switch is required. We recommend the Plantronics HL10 Lifter if a NEC tech is not available

Note: There are 2 versions of the NEC DT Series phones - the standard SIP (used with NEC product SIP@NET and 3C) and the i-SIP/N-SIP versions which are used with the SV8100, SV8300 and SV8500. This Plantronics APN-91 cable only works with the i-SIP/N-SIP versions of the DT700 terminals.

Not compatible with NEC DT710

Formerly known as item# 89280-11

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