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IP Office R9.1 Small System Upgrade License (339106)

IP Office R9.1 Small System Upgrade License (339106)
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IP Office R9.1 Small System Upgrade License (339106)

IP Office R9.1 Small System Upgrade License (339106)

SKU: 339106
* This Product is Now Obsolete
No Replacement Available
The Avaya IP Office 9.1 Small System Upgrade License (339106) upgrades your existing IP500V2 to Release 9.1. This license is for systems that support 32 or fewer users and does not support expansion modules.

This license is no longer available.  Please contact us at 888-922-5200 Option 1 to discuss your upgrade options.

Release 9.1 Enhancements
  • Answer Supervision Analog/ATM4 trunks
  • SIP 3rd Party Endpoints in page groups
  • Location based time zones
  • FSK MWI for analog extensions
  • DECT R4 Resiliency
  • Call Forwarding on hunt groups
  • See link below for entire list
  • For IP500V2 controllers with less then 32 users
  • Not supported on IP500 (V1)Controllers
  • Does not support Legacy Card Carriers and IP400 ATM4 and ATM4U cards
  • This license does not support expansion modules
  • 9.1 Upgrade Considerations: Control Units identified as PCS 14 and below must first install release 8.1(65) (or higher 8.1 release) or any 9.0 release before upgrading to release 9.1. This is necessary to expand the loader to accommodate the 9.1 software image. The PCS level can be found on the printed label at the rear of the unit or the shipping box. If the Control Unit has not been used previously, care should be taken to ensure that no calls are made before the upgrade to Release 9.1; otherwise the system will require a 9.1 upgrade license despite being a "new" unit. If a pre-built SD card loaded with 9.1 software is to be used in a new Control Unit that is PCS14 and below, the SD card must first be recreated using 8.1(65) or above, or any 9.0 release. Control Units at PCS 15 were manufactured from November 2014. Units at PCS 15 and above already have an updated loader and do not require the interim upgrade step. Please contact us with any questions you have.

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