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Rolmphone RP624L Refurbished

Item #: 66208

The Rolmphone RP624L is compatible with Release 9005 systems with Feature 52/Desktop and Release 9006 systems with SLMR3 cards. Available refurbished from TelecomEx.


  • 11 lines, 24 feature buttons (Lines + 22 LEDs)
  • Adjustable LCD display
  • Modular - supports 2 bay options plus 1 Keyboard Expansion Option (KEO)
  • Programmable dialing, redialing, speed dialing, one-way speaker for on-hook and intercom dialing
  • Call monitoring, conference calling up to 8 parties-2 external, various ring tones
  • Call forwarding, transferring, call-waiting, adjustable volume, muting, call park
  • Fully refurbished