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IP Phones

If your business has yet to make the switch to VoIP, then now is the time. TelecomEx can offer the expert advice you need to make this transition as seamless and cost-effective as possible, providing information on migrating to VoIP and options for utilizing your existing platform and/or telephones, as well as helping you navigate the existing IP phone choices available. We carry a number of IP Phone options, including lines from Aastra, Polycom and snom, as well as the Avaya 9600 Series, 5600 Series and 1600 Series of IP Phones. The Aastra 5x/675x line of phones, such as the Aastra 57i, provide enhanced IP functionality at great value. If you’re looking for a high-end executive level IP Phone, TelecomEx carries the Aastra 6739i, which features a state of the art 5.7" full color high-resolution VGA touch-screen display. In addition to Aastra IP phones, TelecomEx carries Polycom IP Phones, including the ever popular Polycom SoundPoint IP331 and the more robust Polycom SoundPoint IP670, as well as a number of Polycom accessories. We also carry the feature-rich, secure and reliable IP phones from snom, including the snom 870 with Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Ready for VoIP? Then contact TelecomEx for our expert advice and expert service.